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NASCAR Betting Strategies

NASCAR Betting Strategies can greatly enhance your enjoyment of each race.

However, when betting on NASCAR, you shouldn't just consider the driver. There are many elements involved in winning a race. So, if you are betting on auto racing, you have to consider the other elements as well. Obviously, you should take a hard look at who will be driving a given car. For example, Dale Jarrett and Jeff Gordon are lighting up the NASCAR circuit right now, but Kyle Petty and Bill Elliott haven't won a race in a long time.

When betting on NASCAR, look at the entire race team and operation. How efficient is their pit team? Have they had a lot of equipment failure in the past, such as blown engines, broken transmission gears and brake failures? Which teams generally seem to get the best gas mileage? Which teams adjust the best to changing track and weather conditions? Which teams have consistently put cars in the top 5 or 10? Dale Earnhardt International and Rousch Racing are two that come to mind. When betting on NASCAR, you also should consider the track.

Some drivers, like Ricky Rudd do well on road courses, while others seem to dominate the super speedways or short tracks. Track conditions, such as rubber build up; can also influence a car's handling ability.

Don't forget that weather can influence the outcome of a race when you are betting on auto racing. Are hot or cool temperatures in the forecast? Is there a chance of rain? Showers that delay a race can wash away some of the rubber build up that helps cars stick to the track better.

Which teams can quickly adjust to these changing track conditions? Of course, just as in other sports, there are the flukes that can make you a winner at NASCAR betting or a loser at NASCAR betting.

Crashes and late cautions can make you a winner or a loser at betting on auto racing. As you can see there is a lot to consider when betting on NASCAR, just as there is when betting on traditional sports, such as football and baseball. NASCAR betting offers an exciting way to enjoy the thrills of international motor sports.

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